Social Trading at Your Fingertips

Trading is hard, but with social trading, it does not need to be. Enter the world of social trading, where every trader is empowered to trade with the best. Automatically copy the trades of winning traders into your portfolio. Learn and earn at the same time.

What is Copy Trading?

Copy trading is just like social media but for the trader community. You can build connections with your fellow traders and follow your favorite top traders. What is even better is your favorite traders share their portfolio, and you simply have to click “follow” and their trades are copied as computer automatically.

It is a win-win situation for both the top trader and copy traders. This symbiotic relationship is a revolutionary change in the industry, and the trading community? has become closer than ever before.

How Copy Trading Works

The way Copy Trading works is simple. The system allows one to copy the trades of another trader. Choose from a long list of profitable traders to subscribe to. You can then decide the amount to risk per trade copied. The copying of the trades is automatically done once you subscribe to a trader.

  • Minimum capital: 500 USD
  • Maximum volume to invest per trader at any given time: 100 lots
  • Minimum volume per trade: 0.01 lot
  • Closing a copied trade prematurely: the profit/loss of the trade would be instantly reflected on your account, independent of the outcome of the original trade.

What Happens Shortly After Subscribing

Upon subscribing, the system will start copying the trader’s trades and a copy of each of these trades will be reflected on the subscriber’s trading account. There are two possible options to select from right after subscription:

  1. Active positions are copied to the subscriber’s account
  2. Trades after the time of subscription will be copied in real time

The first option allows existing trades to be reflected on the subscriber’s account, allowing the subscriber to take advantage of existing market trends. However, the entry prices of the trades on the subscriber’s account may be grossly different those of the trader being subscribed to. This may result to the profit/loss of the trader’s trades to be different as well. Meanwhile, new trades entered will be copied as usual.

The second option simply copies new trades from the account of the trader being subscribed to. Active positions, which were entered prior to the time of subscription, will not be copied to the subscriber’s account.

How to copy trade

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Asia Capital Markets Copy Trading Simplified

Infusing automation and social networking into trading is an emerging trend in the world of securities trading, and this is one of the things Asia Capital Markets is proud of. Easily connect with traders around the world with Asia Capital Market’s Copy Trading Platform. Be a part of a growing list of traders who want to make the most out of their trading activities.


The volume of each copied trade on the subscriber’s account will mimic that of the trader being subscribed to. For example, if a trader used 10% of its account equity in its next trade, the subscriber will also use 10% of its account equity for the copied trade.

Stoploss, and Takeprofit

Stoploss and takeprofit levels for each copied trade will also reflect those of the original trade. Any changes to stoploss and takeprofit on the original trade will also be reflected on the copied trades.

Pausing of Copy Trading

A trader has the option to temporarily halt the copying of trades without closing the existing copied trades or even canceling the subscription. When this feature is activated, all subsequent trades made by the trader will not be copied until unpaused by the subscriber.

Copying a Trader’s Entire Portfolio

By default, Copy Trading only applies to a certain symbol or financial asset. However, it is also possible to subscribe to a trader’s entire portfolio. This way, only a single subscription will be required in order to copy the trader’s trades.

Risk Management

Our risk management option allows a subscriber to automatically terminate a subscription whenever a certain condition is met. This is very similar to how a margin call works, but only applies to an individual subscription, not to the trading account.

When risk management is triggered, all trades that are copied will be closed, and the final profit/loss of each of those trades will be reflected on the subscriber’s account. By default, the trigger percentage is set to 60%.

To give an example, suppose a trader has $10,000 in its account balance when a certain subscriber started his subscription, and the trigger percentage is set to 60%. If, during the course of the subscription, the trader’s equity reached 60% of its equity at the start of the subscription, which is $6,000, the risk management option will be automatically triggered by the subscriber. When this happens, all the active copied trades in the subscription will be closed, and the subscription will be terminated.

Copy Trading Q&A

Avery Smith

How much does it cost to join Asia Capital Market’s Copy Trading program?

Asia Capital Markets

Clients of Asia Capital Markets who satisfied the minimum capital requirements are eligible to join.

Cameron Mann

What is the minimum capital required?

Asia Capital Markets

While there is no minimum in terms of the volume of trades copied, our program requires traders to have at least 500 USD in the account balance (equity).

Hayden Davis

How long before the trades are reflected in my account?

Asia Capital Markets

Trades are reflected and executed instantly. You must be subscribed to a trader in order to copy trades.

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