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How to Enhance your FX Trading Skills using Artificial Intelligence

Looking for something a bit more automated? Or just don’t have the time or expertise to do all the technical analyses? If this sounds like you, then Algorithmic FX Trading is right for you!

RagingFX is a FX signal provider that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to generate timely signal alerts. These alerts include optimal Entry, Stop Loss, and Take Profit levels for each trading signal.

Why We decided to team up with RagingFX

We have been searching the market for the best tools available that could potentially help our clients improve their trading results. After trying out many services, we found RagingFX to be the most consistent in terms of results, time efficiency, value, and ease of use.

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How It Works

Step 1: A Signal Alert Arrives

While you are out and about, your phone buzzes with an incoming message. You know right away from the ringtone that it’s a signal alert from RagingFX. So you politely excuse yourself from your current task. Since the shelf-life of our signals is usually between 10 minutes to a few hours, you know there’s no need to panic. Trade on your own terms. You’re in control.

Discreetly, you move to a quiet location or if you’re driving, pull over. For the next 60 seconds, you will be evaluating the signal(s) and placing your trade(s). 

Step 2: Place the Trades

You make a mental note of the first pair (USDJPY), the trade direction (BUY), the chart period (M15) and the Rule # (e.g. Rule #53). Using the MT4 app locate the trade and make a visual inspection. If it looks good, which is the case 99% of the time, you reference the Rule # provided on the signal (Rule #53).

This number suggests an algo-optimized ratio for your trade. For example, Rule #53 indicates either one of the following options:

  • Placing 5 lots at the MARKET
  • Placing 3 lots at the LIMIT,
  • both (1) and (2).

Please note that our online FX course which is included with our 3-month subscription covers these steps in greater detail.

Step 3: Compare your Results with our Algo

The following day after having received this signal (and at around 5:20pm EST) you’ll receive a Daily Dashboard Report similar to the one displayed above. It will list the net performance of all the signals delivered to you the day before. All trades shown are for the same trade size of 1 lot so it is easy to extrapolate your own results.

For the USDJPY trade shown on the first line: if you used Rule #53 and chose only to place the LIMIT portion, for example, then your P/L should have come in at 3 times of what is shown on the dashboard, or USD$621 ($207 x 3). If your results are consistently less, then we ask that you contact us for a free review of your trades to pinpoint any improvements.

RagingFX not only have designed the optimal forex signal program that uses AI and ML to generate timely signals but they also teach you how to trade through their ground-breaking course which fully integrates the power of their learning algorithm to pinpoint optimal trade setups, manage daily risk without a spreadsheet, and develop a robust trading discipline (plus intuition) based upon a set of proven trading rules.

So, if you’re learning FX for the first time or simply need a refresher course, RagingFX offers a self-guided, online FX trading course that is fully integrated with its groundbreaking trading algorithm.

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