Why should I join the Asia Capital Markets Affiliates program?

Asia Capital Markets Affiliates program offers a unique platform for traders who would like to potentially earn a living or make a secondary income. Our key difference is that we will tailor a program that suits your business model. So, if you would like to earn money through rebates or through a CPA model, we can provide that. If you have a more developed and sophisticated business model and would like a share in revenue for all the businesses you bring, we are all ears! The possibilities are limitless.

For the sophisticated Introducer

For those IB’s who have an existing client base, a proven track record of high-volume trades and can bring in consistent revenue each month then we welcome you to participate in our revenue sharing program. Very simply we will share with you the revenue we earn from your clients every month. This is the most sought after. However, all applicants will have to go through a selection process. Our team will work with you to ensure you are on the right track.

High volume, High rebate revenue

We like to work with our partners and ensure that the needs of their clients are being met. This gives them the assurance that their clients are going to stay for the long term and are not just going to be another number. So, with our rebate program we will tailor a model that is in line with you, your business, and your clients. So that you will be paid for every client, for every executed trade, for the lifetime of their time with us.

We pay for new clients

For marketing experts who can generate traffic from their websites and would like to get paid for every converted client who is referred to us, then our CPA model will work perfectly for you. We can pay you right away for each new customer conversion.

Talk with one of our experts today and we will help you chose the best option that suits your needs. Many people start with one and as their business grows, so are their business needs. The idea is that we come up with a win-win solution so that we can grow together.

Our cooperation models

Using ASIA CAPITAL MARKETS knowledge and expertise, we created a proprietary Affiliates portal featuring live tracking and optimization of your profits. Choose wisely between our distinct cooperation models that best suits your trading style.

Fast payouts, no hidden fees

We guarantee monthly payouts and transparent cooperation. No hidden fees or delays.

High rates of conversion

Modern marketing tools combined with a unique offer on the market make it easy for you to win new customers.

Track your progress in real time

We have created a unique Affiliates portal enabling full transparency and live revenue tracking.

Marketing campaigns

We prepare diverse promotional campaigns and adapt them to the needs of our customers and partners. Everything available in one place.

Trading tools and platforms

Our trading platforms are available on a convenient device of your choosing: be it desktop, mobile and/or web.

Three simple steps to success

It’s easy! it only takes three simple steps to start receiving the financial incentives from Asia Capital Markets’ Affiliate program.

Join the Asia Capital Markets Affiliates program

Sign up, choose one of our attractive cooperation models, and start exploring our affiliate portal

Promote Asia Capital Markets

Track new referrals through our affiliate portal. Analyze and optimize marketing strategies for optimal returns.

Grow your business

Discover the activity of your clients through the ASIA CAPITAL MARKETS Affiliates portal. Analyze and optimize their strategies for better financial results.


Interested in expanding your knowledge about our services

Interested in expanding your knowledge about our services

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