Trump who? We have a Vaccine!

A Biden Victory has the markets cheering. It seems it’s not only the majority of American’s but the markets the world over that are relieved to see Trump go. In addition Pfizer and BioNTech have reported positive results from 43,500 phase 3 trial tests. No safety issues have been reported thus far and the markets […]

Melbourne destroys the Aussie

Retail Sales Australia

The AUD/USD pair has had a 38.3% correction thanks to the strengthening dollar. Although the Aussie was met with better than expected PMI Print with Commonwealth Bank Service PMI coming in at 50 and Manufacturing at 55.5. However the retail sector was hard hit with Retail Sales coming in at -4.2%, from 3.2% in August. […]

Buyers and Sellers

There has been some interesting movements with some of the majors in recent weeks as well as gold, silver and now oil. The dollar has gone from zero to hero even after worse than expected job figures. Many clients are confused and asking “what do we make of this?” Well the answer is, let’s play […]

Is Gold Loosing Its Shine?

It hasn’t been a good start to the week for the yellow metal with the downslide continuing for a second day. Closing Monday at around $1,923 the bulls picked  up some stock it has struggled to make any significant move to the upside. The range maintains between $1,924 and $1,934.   Continued weakness could see […]

Markets Today

First the the Aussie had an interesting trading after the positive Retail Sales figures. Retail Sales saw a rise in all states and territories except Victoria by 3.3%. As the retail sales figures are an indication of the pace of the Australian economy, it shows the performance of the retail sector over a short and […]

Movers and Shakers. Markets Today

If you expected a quiet week, sorry to disappoint. We are seeing bounces in the Aussie, JPY, Gold and Silver. Not one to remain in second place, silver has enjoyed some nice gains intraday reaching $28.00.   First starting with the AUD/USD. The dovish meeting minutes from The Reserve Bank of Australia’s has the Aussie […]

Gold in free-fall

Market Insight

The strong dollar recovery has contributed to the nosedive that gold is taking. with America’s COVID situation and the little to no progress in the fiscal talks have also lead to gold free falling without a shoot. The run up was spectacular and the trend showed it would remain. But The bears came out of […]

Move out of the way! Here comes the dollar

After weeks of negative results, like bears to honey you saw them flurry. But you can’t keep a strong bull down. After positive NFP results we have seen the dollar strengthening against its major counterparts. But why the continued trend? A stall in the next fiscal package meaning lower US fiscal spending bring in a […]

July NFP 2020 Better than expected or was it?

I hope you all held on to your hats as the storm that was Non Farm Payroll (NFP) swept through the town. Despite  the coronavirus, July NFP figures show that the economy continues to add jobs. NFP came in better than expected at 1.76 million new jobs after economist predicted 1.6 million new jobs. June […]

No slowing down for Gold

I know it may seem like gold is all I am talking about at the moment but that’s because it is. I mean with gold hitting record highs after record highs what else is there to talk about. The Bulls are definitely popping open the Champaign as they celebrate a new all time high of […]