What Biden Means For The Markets

Joe Biden

The long awaited day has come where after four eventful years have past and a new President has been inaugurated. But what does Biden mean for the markets. President Joe Biden has not wasted any time in implementing new policies and overturning old ones. Already we have seen the new president rejoin the Paris Climate […]

AUD/USD takes a nose dive

The Aussie couldn’t hang on to any support as it plunged down towards 0.7100 making it its biggest loss in 2 weeks. Last nights budget mentioned $213.7 billions AUD deficit to be expected amid an election influenced budget with the Federal Budget offering severe tax cuts. In other news. In typical Trump style the US […]

Trump, COVID and NFP

As it so happens President Donald Trump and wife Melania Trump have both tested positive for COVID-19. Only hours after announcing that the “Pandemic’s end was in sight”. He also spent months down playing the virus as the country lost tens of thousands of lives. The main concern right now is around the fiscal package. […]

Presidential debate lights up the markets

Nothing like a good old debate to get the markets going. Today we say the a battle for power in the US presidential debate and the markets are mixed on the result. firstly we see the S&P 500 futures drop by 350 points, eliminating any gains it had made after Trump mentioned the November 3 […]