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Mark Coe – Market Research Analyst
Research Analyst

Asia Capital Markets is pleased to welcome Mark Coe as our new Market Research Analyst. With a wealth of knowledge and experience we are honored to have Mark and his team at MCC Capital Advisers partner with the ACM family.

Background of Mark Coe

Mark Coe is the founder of MCC Capital Advisors LLC. He has been a professional trader in both the equity and currency markets for almost two decades. During this time, Mark has dedicated considerable efforts to system and strategy research and design.

Mr. Coe formed COE CAPITAL ADVISORS LLC (NFA # 0363817) in August of 2005, to trade managed accounts in forex ( retail off-exchange foreign currency), until March of 2010. At Coe Capital Advisors LLC, Mark took on the role of head trader.

A lifelong dream to serve in the United States Military became a reality in March 2010 as Mark enlisted in the US Army. Mark served as SPC, Infantry. Mark was discharged in May 2010 and chose to again focus efforts in the Foreign Currency market at which point he formed MCC Capital Advisors on Oct 4, 2010 and serves as managing principal of MCC Capital Advisors LLC.

Mark is a graduate of Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in International Affairs. Mark is Series 3 and Series 34 licensed with the NFA (#0342756).

Mark became an approved principal of Coe Capital LLC on August 23, 2004 and an NFA Associate Member and a registered associated person of Coe Capital LLC on August 24, 2004. On March 11, 2010 withdrew as a principal and associated person of Coe Capital Advisors and as an NFA Associate Member. Oct 8, 2008 Mark became an Approved Principal of MCC Capital Advisors LLC (NFA #0425394). Oct 13, 2008 Mark was registered as a Forex Associated Person and Associated Person of MCC Capital Advisors LLC and an NFA Associate Member.

To get an insight on Mark’s trading methods and analysis, read his articles posted on our news page and socials each day. Also stay tuned for new services which will be made available to all Asia Capital Markets clients which will give approved individuals the opportunity to have their money managed by Mark through MCC Capital Advisors LLC using your MT4 trading platform registered through us. Contact us for more information.