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Learn To Trade Forex Webinar


Learn how to trade forex from a profession money manager, Michael Harding.

Learn how to:

– Trade using proven trading strategies

– Use Risk Management strategies to protect your trades

– Pick the right times to enter and exit a trade

And much more. Don’t miss out.

–Michael’s Experience–

Started trading in CFDs in 2008 and expanded to Forex in 2009
Entrepreneur/Self-Employed since 2006
Owned & Operated a Trading School since 2012
Launched LEFTURN a Managed Forex firm in Oct 4 2017

–Most Important Trading Lesson Learned–

People create rules and break them. When you break your own rule, it will cost you. Establishing a system that is unbreakable adds tremendous value to your strategy. Discipline is the core strength of a successful trader. Discipline is the difference between what you want now, and what you want most. Learn to cut loses and always stay focused on the big picture. Trading for a living is a marathon, not a race.