Copy Trader

Follow in the footsteps of the world’s top traders. Trade like the pros.

Copy Trading at Your Fingertips

Trading is hard, but with AC Market’s COPY TRADING, it does not need to be. Enter the world of copy trading, where every trader is empowered to trade with the best. Automatically copy the trades of winning traders into your portfolio.  Learn and earn at the same time.

Copy trading is just like social media but for the trader community. You can build connections with your fellow traders and follow your favorite top traders. What is even better is your favorite traders share their portfolio, and you simply have to click “follow” and their trades are copied as computer automatically.

It is a win-win situation for both the top trader and copy traders. This symbiotic relationship is a revolutionary change in the industry, and the trading community? has become closer than ever before.

COPY or Override: You are in FULL Control

Open Positions

Positions can be opened whenever there is an opportunity.

Close Positions

Followers can see and close any positions that were copied from masters.

Stop following immediately

Copied positions will be closed automatically if the follower unsubscribes.

Charts & Statistics ​

Successful strategies deserve maximum exposure to potential subscribers 

Publish your trading history effortlessly, and earn along the way! 

All master accounts opened can be seen on the leaderboard and sorted using various filters. Potential Investors use these filters to compare and decide which master account to subscribe to.  

Leaderboard Table

Trade as Usual, But Earn More

Same trading strategy

Same account size

No additional hassles

Same market conditions

How Does Copy Trading Work?